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What is Boxoffice Academy?

We are an educational platform designed by cinema professionals for cinema professionals, with the goal of advancing proficiency in the field of digital marketing. Boxoffice Academy courses grant attendees the opportunity to sharpen their understanding of consumer behavior, critical thinking, market research, advertising, and promotional skills in both the global and domestic marketplaces.

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Why learn with Boxoffice Academy?

Boxoffice Academy has partnered with Webedia Movies Pro's international network of cinema professionals to bring you exclusive industry insights and courses.

One and Only

Boxoffice Academy is the first and only online cinema educational platform. As we continue to grow, we will continue to offer exclusive resources for the cinema industry.

Digital Marketing

International digital marketing specialists will lead courses, bringing the most up-to-date and pioneering subjects and knowledge specific to the theater industry.

Compliance Expertise

We come backed with years of compliance and regulation experience enabling us to create and lead classes on government requirements, disability-friendly best practices and more.

Real Industry Professionals

Boxoffice will be turning 100 years amazing in 2020, we come therefore with decades of cinema industry knowledge.

Innovative Edge

Technology innovations and cinema digital development are at the core of the Webedia Movies Pro organization, giving us first looks and access to fresh technological information and planning.

Data Backed Insights

Through our business intelligence programs, we have access to ever growing data enabling us to find competitive edges and larger understanding of the industry.